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The Early Years

The Amazing Bavarian Stompers
The Amazing Bavarian Stompers

Charlie Chuck is the stage name of British comedian David Kear, who started his career as a drummer with various bands in the 1970s and 1980s, including a stint with the Small Faces and the Amazing Bavarian Stompers with whom he performed on an edition of the children's TV series Tiswas in 1981. In the late 1980s, he turned to solo stand-up comedy as the surreally manic 'Charlie Chuck' and, in 1990, he was talent-spotted by the comedian Malcolm Hardee who arranged for him to appear on 'Jools Holland's Happening', a British Satellite Broadcasting TV series produced by Noel Gay Television.

James Whale

He later appeared on the Sky TV talent show Sky Star Search where he was spotted by DJ James Whale, who booked him on several editions of his late night series The James Whale Radio Show (A radio show that was simultaneously broadcast on television by Yorkshire Television on the ITV Network).

Reeves and Mortimer

Uncle Peter on Reeves and Mortimer
Uncle Peter

In 1993-1995, he was a cast member of the BBC Two TV series The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer. He appeared performing his Charlie Chuck character act, but was always referred to on-screen as 'Uncle Peter'.

His long-running Charlie Chuck stage act often involved the destruction of a drum kit and was peppered by references to fantasy characters including One Eyed Dog, Cakey Pig and a Donkey. The words "Donkey!" and "Woof! Bark! Donkey!" shouted out more-or-less at random had been part of his Charlie Chuck act and became his 'Uncle Peter' catchphrases on the Reeves & Mortimer TV shows.

Paul McCartney

As a result of these TV appearances, Paul McCartney became a fan and invited Chuck to perform at his daughters birthday party. "I was doing my act with Paul McCartney sitting ten feet away, and he was laughing his head off. I've got a photo of me with Paul, and in ten years I'll be able to give that to my kids and say "that's your dad with Paul McCartney. Cos he'll be seen like Mozart or Bach by then, won't he?"

The 2000's

Charlie Chuck at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Charlie Chuck (AKA David Kear) at Edinburgh Fringe

In 2001, he appeared as his Charlie Chuck character in a series of TV ads for Cadbury's Double Decker chocolate bars.

In 2002 he appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe in a comedy show Charlie Chuck is Scrooge, very remotely based on the Charles Dickens character and, that same year, his company Charlie Chuck Productions also staged Scots comic Ian Watt's one-man Fringe show John Laurie, Frazer & I, which he directed as David Kear.

In 2004, he guest-starred in the Edinburgh Fringe show Nudge.

In 2006, he appeared as one of the acts in a 5-hour-long memorial tribute show at London's Hackney Empire theatre in memory of his mentor the late Malcolm Hardee.

He also appeared at the 2008 Magners Glasgow Comedy Festival with fellow northern cult legend Frank Sidebottom.

Recent appearances

Charlie Chuck performs in Teddy in 2012
Charlie Chuck in 'Teddy', 2012

More recently Charlie has appeared in several TV films. In 2012 he appeared in Teddy, directed by Rebecca Papworth, a comedy drama set in a north of England car boot sale.

Charlie has appeared in two films, directed by and starring Dominic Brunt (of Emmerdale fame). 2014's 'Bait' was the first and in 2017 he appeared in the horror film Attack of the Adult Babies.

Charlie has also appeared in the Leeds based film Boy Called Bremner, in 2014.